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Usability Architect at Tata Consultancy Services
Chennai Area, India | Information Technology and Services

User Experience Designer profoundly on web/mobile-app design by making it simple, easy to use and accessible to all genres with tailored experiences. I have a balance of business analysis skills and forge visualization. I have an ability to interpret and empathize with the user which includes 4+ years of experience in developing product to be used by 300,000+ users and additional years of entrepreneurial 100+ client-facing experience from broad range of industry & implementation on several projects. I’m more of autodidact by nature. Possessing MBA in Finance, Masters in Sociology and Masters in Psychology(awaiting) helps me to make a right combination as an UXD.

User Experience Researcher (2014 - Present)
Tata Consultancy Services
Public Company, 10,001+ employees, Information Technology and Services

UX workbench
Tool for institutionalisation of User Experience for Business Analyst, Designers, Developers & related roles. Functioning both as a knowledge and asset repository alongside with developmental tools for personas, colour schema builder, etc. Built with sockets to fit into in-house program & delivery management suites increases this potential several manifolds to present information at the right time to right audience leveraging service design. This makes it possible to measure the ROI.
Role: Owner, BA and UXD
Platform: Web

Usability Architect (2012 - 2014)
Tata Consultancy Services
Public Company, 10,001+ employees, Information Technology and Services

Platform Prime
Prime is a comprehensive unified delivery management solution & operations platform empowering entire lifecycle right from the program start up to delivery. Designed scalable to support various software methodologies (Agile, waterfall, etc.), project types (Development, Support, Maintenance, etc.) and business units (Banking, Insurance, Retail, Healthcare, etc.). Onboarding & single-digital-profile of an employee and gamified approach to drive behaviour. Survey and analytical tools to capture customer feedback under the principle proactive-is-better-than-reactive fashion. Architected as platform of multiple workspaces and several apps through web, mobile (Android, iOS and Windows) and standalone PC apps. 
Role: BA & UXD
Platform: Web, standalone PC app. Mobile - iPad & iPhone (iOS), Windows tablet app, Android mobile and tablet

Natwest - Digital lending
Digital lending journey targeted for SMEs with more complex needs. Going an step beyond from seeing lending as not just process but as an emotive experience which ultimately drive customer advocacy and decisions. When the Emotional, Functional are combined needs are being met pricing becomes less important albeit it must be affordable and not have a unfavourable impact on cash flow.
Role: Service Design & UX Consultant
Platform: iPad (iOS) app

Delivery Trace
Application meant for unit heads and CXO users to track the progress of all projects they own.
Built solution to challenge on showing statuses of all projects reaching several milestones everyday which the unit heads or CXO users need to have a quick look at in their busy schedule and make them act based on needs.
Role: UXD
Platform: Web, Windows tablet app

User Experience Designer (2011 - 2012)
Tata Consultancy Services
Public Company, 10,001+ employees, Information Technology and Services

Compass - Predictive program management suite
Predictive program management suite. Built to manage program’s planning & execution effectively with regard to cost, quality and schedule. Featuring inbuilt predictive management capabilities for prevention and correction using various statistical techniques helping to identify pitfalls at earliest.
Role: UXD & Front End Engineer
Platform: Web, iPad (iOS) app

EQFP Estimator | Role: Visual Designer & Front End Engineer | Platform: Web

Jam Wiki | Role: Visual Designer & Front End Engineer | Platform: Web

Lean Skill Matrix | Role: Visual Designer & Front End Engineer | Platform: Web

User Experience Consultant (2011 - 2011)
Tata Consultancy Services
Public Company, 10,001+ employees, Information Technology and Services

Find Your Leader
A full suite to track availability of employee at leadership level and leveraging the internal IP to find industry leaders tagging to project based on availability.
Role: UX Consultant
Platform: Web

Project to solve the problem on tagging right employee to a project with continuos qualitative & quantitative measures and satisfaction index. With large number of existing and explosive growth of workforce within organisation makes it challenging for employee managers to tag them to one among thousands of projects and keeping both internal recruiters and employee’s happy.
Role: UX Consultant
Platform: Web

ING - KeeBee
Aimed to improve the quality and consistency of customer care by resolving the challenge in managing knowledge and identify tacit knowledge that is decentralised on country, person or local storage sources and to reduce overall cost.
Role: Visual Designer

BOA -Iris
Application aiding associate’s career management. Handholding associate to succeed in his present role and reach his aspirational role through mentoring aspect. Solved the challenge in establishing the benefits of mentoring and keeping mentors continually motivated by creating a value based environment for mentees.
Role: UX Consultant
Platform : Web

Evangelisation on UX practices in organisation.

Co-Founder (2010 - 2011)
UMM Technologies

Co-Founded dedicated wing for website design and development through user centric approach.

Co-Founder (2006 - 2011)
UMM Studios

Co-Founder with end to end experience in all aspects of entrepreneur's entire business life cycle of technical, financial, marketing and managing aspects.

Specialized in web development, mobile development, post-production, visual effects services to the entertainment industry. Motion pictures, commercials, trailers, music videos and special venue projects where I used my artistry in techniques such as model making, matte painting, computer-generated imagery, digital animation, branding, designing and a variety of related processes.

During this course of time my clients were from Fortune 500 companies, Banks, Real Estates, Medical, Engineering Services, Colleges, Software Consultancies, Kollywood & Hollywood.

Skills & Expertise

User Interface Design, Interaction Design, User Experience Design, Usability, Service Design, User-centered Design, Entrepreneurship, HTML 5, Photoshop, Information Architecture, Web Development, Web Design, Usability Testing, ARIA, Advanced CSS, JavaScriptMVC, Human Computer Interaction, Gamification, Trekking, jQuery, CSS, HTML5

University of Madras (2014 - 2016)
Master of Science (M.Sc.), Psychology
University of Madras (2012 - 2014)
Master of Arts (M.A.), Sociology
University of Madras (2011 - 2013)
Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), Finance, General
Anand Institute of Higher Technology (2006 - 2010)
Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.), Electronics & Communication
Prince Matriculation Higher Secondary School (2004 - 2006)
HSC (12), Maths, Physics, Chemistry, & Computer Science
Dakshina Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha (1999 - 2003)
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Hindi Language and Literature

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